Customized Massage

You can choose to do a deep tissue massage with trigger point work to target a specific area of pain or you can just do a lighter massage to help relieve stress. Or both! 

60 min hands on massage - $65

90 min - $95

120 min - $120

Hot Stone Massage

Smooth river rocks are used during this entire massage. Hot Stone massage helps to relieve deep muscle pain without much pressure because the heat penetrates. It is extremely relaxing, a must try

Add hot stones to any amount of time for $20 

Prenatal Massage

For expecting mothers. Helps to relieve stress during a sometime difficult time in a soon to be mother's life. Also helps the growing baby relax as you relax. This massage is performed side lying and all precautions are taken to make sure you and your baby stay safe

60 min - $65

90 min - $95

Reflexolgy- Hand and foot massage only. Apply pressure to specific points in the feet and hands to help alleviate issues in your organs and

entire body. Helps you become aware of restrictions in your body system. 60 min - $65 or 30 min - $40

Save money by purchasing Massage Packages

$150 for 3 X 60 min customized massage sessions (save $45)

$210 for 3 X 90 min customized massage sessions (save $75)

Sports Massage
Great for any type of athlete. This massage combines deep tissue to work out tight muscles and stretching to help lengthen the muscle. Can help with preparing athlete for an event, soothing them after a tough workout, or healing a sports related injury including but not limited to tennis elbow, golf elbow, shin splints, and rotator cuff injuries
60 min- $75
90 min- $100
120 min- $130

Gentleman's Massage
Designed for men, this massage combines many different therapeutic techniques to help relieve stress and ease sore muscles.Hot towels are applied to back to help relax and soften tight muscles. Includes a woodsy aroma to help leave you relaxed and recharged
60 min- $70
90 min- $100
120 min- $125


Choose your essential oil to add to the massage $10